Sterncastle Publishing is currently accepting submissions of partial or completed manuscripts for full length literary novels, biographical works, and memoirs as well as short story collections in the genres of fiction, folklore, poetry, memoir, and biography. Experimental, hybrid and  genre-bending works will also be considered for publication. We are also seeking submissions for illustrated children’s books whether the art is completed or not.

As part of our effort to increase equity in the literary landscape, authors who identify in one or more of the following categories will receive additional consideration: Veterans, Women, Black, Indigenous, Latino, LGBTQ+, and Young Authors under 21.

Given the high volume of submissions we receive, please expect a response time of three to twelve months. We appreciate your patience. Phone calls, emails, and letters will not expedite the process, and are strongly discouraged. Every query, whether accepted or declined, will receive an eventual reply in the aforementioned timeframe.

Please submit your query via the form to the right. Thank you for choosing Sterncastle Publishing. We’ll be in touch!

PLEASE NOTE: As of 04/01/23 we are only accepting electronic submissions via the submission form or email. Submissions in any other format will not be reviewed and will be destroyed. 

Submissions FAQ

Do I need a literary agent?

The short answer is no, you don’t need a literary agent promoting your work to be published with Sterncastle. Our goal as an organization is to democratize the querying process so that deserving authors can get their book to market. We’ve seen too many great books go to the wayside while authors struggled to get representation, and we think it’s time for that to stop.

That said, we LOVE literary agents and deeply respect the work they do for the publishing industry. If you are a literary agent, we would welcome the chance to work with you and your client to make award winning literature happen.

Do you pay an advance?

While we are not offering advances at this time, you can rest assured that publishing with Sterncastle means that you will retain a larger share of the earnings your book generates than you would with a structured advance at another publisher.

Unlike other publishers whose advance and royalty structures can often be difficult to understand, and often leave authors disappointed, Sterncastle prefers to keep it simple. While our legal team discourages us from talking specific numbers here what we can say is that when you publish with Sterncastle you make money from the very first sale and continue to make money as we continue to promote your book. You’ve already done the work of writing the book, now let us do our end to make it a marketplace success that keeps you earning royalties for many years to come.

Do you charge submission fees?

No. Never. Publishing with Sterncastle will never cost you a dime. In fact, if we opt to publish your book, you begin making money as soon as your book is released to the public.

What formats do you accept?

We only accept electronic submissions via the form provided or through email if 25MB or less. Preferred file formats are Word or PDF.

Please do not mail us submissions. Regardless of format or medium, mailed submissions will not be reviewed and will be destroyed. 

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    No. Never. Publishing with Sterncastle will never cost you a dime. In fact, if we opt to publish your book, you begin making money as soon as your book is released to the public.