Whispers Amongst the Trees


Get your copies of Whispers Amongst the Trees, the first group anthology work from Sterncastle Writer’s Collective.

This is a pre-order offer for onsite pickup at Sterncastle Publishing office ONLY. Intended for attendees of our Book Launch event on 12/16 who wish to bulk order. Individual copies will be available for purchase onsite during the event. Individual copies will also be available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple Books as of 12/12.  




The wild, remote, and sparsely populated shores of the Oregon Coast are shrouded in beauty and mystery. Replete with natural wonders, it’s a land on the edge. One where the seas meet the trees, and anything is possible. In this volume the authors of Sterncastle Writer’s Collective take you on a literary journey along the hiking trails and coastal headlands, out to sea and back, as they explore not only this majestic place they call home but also themselves, their neighbors, and the millions of visitors the Oregon Coast welcomes every year. Whispers Amongst the Trees is a witty, wholesome, complex, and at times terrifying window into a place and a people which are well worth a deeper look.